Interested in offering your clients the 3d Baby Models?

Become a re-seller of the 3D Baby Models

When you have one or more ultrasound clinics and you have your own 3D printing capabilities, and you are looking for an opportunity to stand out from the rest and offer something really beautiful and special. Or you have your own 3D printing house and would like to build up the 3D Baby Model offer together with local ultrasound clinics. Become a re-seller of the 3d baby models. We will do some tests first to allow you to come to the right volume files and then you can start to offer this wonderful product.

This option is suitable for those ultrasound clinics or 3dprinters who want to keep all matters in their own hands, do sometimes a conversion or build up their own brand and product-offer around the 3D baby models. You can order single file conversions with cleaning and print preparation. Discounts are given on large prepaid orders for Print ready STL files (starting from 50 models). 

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