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VR or Virtual Reality and the all known VR goggles are quickly becoming an industry standard. More and more Virtual Reality is becoming available to the mass public through all kind of B2C and B2B solutions.  VR should however not only be seen as a solution for the gaming industry.  Other kinds of solutions are also possible such as the use of VR in BabySliceO to optimize the speed to convert ultrasounds into cleaned up 3D files that can be printed on any 3D printer.

BabySliceO ultrasound conversion software to make a 3D printed ultrasound.

Earlier I have written on BabySliceO as the perfect tool for 3D printers and Ultrasound clinics to offer its customers another dimension in prenatal bonding. The earlier the bond between the parents and the new baby, the easier it is for the integration of the child into a loving world. It could help parents to get used to this wonderful small creature already when it is in the belly. For those that are curious to know and learn the little one before it is even born 3d ultrasounds are a great way to do this. BabySliceO can offer these curious parents an even more realistic view of the soon to be son or daughter. It offers them a 3D view that can be printed or viewed on the computer. More on BabySliceO here.

VR Edition Mode

The latest BabySliceO software is using a new tool called VR Edition Mode. This mode lets you edit and clean your models in record time. Your dominant hand manipulates the sculpting tool while your other hand holds the 3D model. With the stereoscopic VR goggles, you have the impression that the model is there right in front of you. It is almost impossible to describe how fast and easy it is to prepare your model using the VR mode. Have a look at our VR DEMO hereThe “VR Edit” mode can only be used if you have an Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch devices installed on your system plus a high-end NVIDIA Cuda graphic card. 

VR Live Module for Ultrasound clinics

Soon it will also be possible for ultrasound clinics to offer their clients a truly unique experience. Instead of showing the images on a screen or a print, it will be possible to show the clients the baby through the VR goggles right in front of their eyes.  We are working on this module VR Live. It will allow Ultrasound Clinics to make use of the brilliant solutions that VR is offering them. They will be able to show their clients, during the Ultrasound session, the baby in 3D through the Oculus Rift Gear. The VR LIVE Module will surely separate your clinics from others and will offer a truly unique experience for the parents. More information will follow soon!

Easy to use software

BabySliceO is a software that looks difficult at first but with some basic keys and some practice, it is very easy to use. Below I have given the three basic stages from when you convert a file to cleaning it up. These stages should take you, after some practice, no more than 15 minutes to come to a basic clean up and an emptying shell, for printing. For more information please watch our tutorial video here.

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