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 3D Baby Model with BabySliceO by TOMOVISION

Nowadays technique allows us to go beyond the realm of the visible. Ultrasound machines are offering us a peek into the world of the unborn baby. Additionally, these machines are getting better every year. The results in 3D and 4D are sometimes too real for the parents. It is, however in our human nature to long for the unborn baby. And to wonder how it will look when it is born.

This need for knowledge is driving a whole new niche industry.  We see that more and more companies are trying to imitate or create the unborn child in the form of a statue or on 3D photos. 3D/4D ultrasound clinics are a growing worldwide phenomenon.

These clinics are focusing on the emotional ultrasound. Therefore allowing more and more soon to be parents to take the step towards a peek in the belly by ordering a 3D session.

Even though there are some experts placing questions marks at the need for more exposure of the baby to ultrasounds, it cannot be denied that it is human nature to long for the unborn child. Mothers and fathers have the wish to bond with him or her even before birth. Therefore when taking moderation into account and the need for highly qualified personnel.  Prenatal bonding gives parents another option to be with this little person growing inside the womb of the mother.

The next step

The past years we have seen that another step was taken by some companies. They start offering a 3D baby model, based on Ultrasound data. Many in the ultrasound industry might wonder how this is possible as data produced by ultrasound machines are not directly convertible into a printable file.

Until now! Tomovision has developed the Baby Slice O software to allow 3D ultrasound specialists to convert ultrasound/sonogram data into a file format that can be used either to print the outcome directly or to clean it up and create an almost perfect image of the unborn baby while still being in the womb of the mother. An example of this can be seen on the right!

This unique piece of software is creating a wonderful image out of the 3D data saved by ultrasound machines. It converts this into a file format .stl or .obj both of which can be used to print it on a 3D printer. What can be more beautiful to any parent or family member to have this kind of fond memory? A memory of the time when the baby is growing inside the womb of the mother.

Ultrasound Specialists Software

Baby Slice O is meant to be used by Ultrasound specialist and is for non-medical use only! You can now offer your clients a 3D printable STL file as part of your ultrasound package. Parents can choose than in what material they want to have it printed. Or for those want to go even further offer your clients a real 3D printed baby! Read more on the Baby Slice O software on my website here!

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