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3dprintedultrasounds.com is offering the possibility to have volume files made by ultrasound machines during a 3D session converted into a 3D file that can be printed into a 3D baby Model.

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3dprintedultrasounds and BabySliceO rapid expansion.

3D Baby Model Sandstone in a Frame

The past 6 months 3dprintedultrasounds/BabySlicO has been expanding very rapidly. Currently, the services are available globally and companies are starting to use BabySliceO in the following countries: Germany, Slovakia, UK, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Estonia, and more will follow. Therefore, to support the further expansion of 3dprintedultrasounds a campaign was started on Indiegogo to try to utilize the power of crowdfunding. 3dprintedultrasounds wants to collect a minimum of 15.000 USD to support the investment in hardware and marketing of the 3D baby models.

On Indiegogo, you will find different options to support 3dprintedultrasounds.com starting from 5 USD just for fun to help this effort to the purchase of the 3D Baby Model for a pregnant friend, starting at 120 USD, to the option to start your own company with the purchase of the software BabySliceO. The top offer would be the Software for free with the investment of 3000 tokens at a discounted price of 25000 USD including value-added taxes that will be returned when a buyer can show his company or international VAT number.

3D Baby Models.

3D baby model framed close up3Dprintedultrasounds.com is mainly offering to resellers the opportunity to offer clients the 3D Baby Models. However, it is also possible to order directly when you have your own volume file. 3dprintedultrasounds.com notes especially that the 3D baby is not the 2D to 3D render but the real thing. In short, it is extracted from the volume data by the software BabySliceO. The volume data is saved when you go to the ultrasound clinic for your 3D session to see your baby. With prices starting as low as 26.50 Euro for a printable 3D file, the 3D baby comes into reach of a larger audience.

What do you need from your Ultrasound specialist?

The only thing needed is a volume file or DICOM file from the ultrasound machine. Most ultrasound machines can make these files. Ask your ultrasound specialist to make this file for you when you have done your ultrasound session! The volume file is converted and cleaned up by 3dprintedultrasounds.com and saved to an STL file. The STL file can be viewed in a 3d program. The parents can decide to either keep this 3D image in digital format just as a photo or to have it printed in any material they like. For more information please visit the website http://www.3dprintedultrasounds.com.

Benefits of emotional ultrasounds.

3dprintedultrasounds.com supports and respects all views in society on the 3D emotional ultrasound sessions and the 3D baby models. Additionally, 3dprintedultrasounds.com advocates prudence in the usage of emotional ultrasound for the entertainment of the parents. Educated specialists should do all sessions. The baby should always come before the needs of the parents. However, it is very normal for expecting parents to have the wish to meet and bond with their child prenatally. To be able to see the baby and learn to know this little person before it is born is very special.

3D emotional ultrasounds could help expectant mothers and fathers to form an early bond with the child. It is an additional possibility allowing an early start into the parenting role and reducing the shock when the child is suddenly put in the arms of the new parent. To a person wanting to choose a 3D ultrasound and a 3D Baby Statue, these aforementioned reasons are all very valid. Additionally, it allows easy sharing between social networks such as brothers, sisters, and grandparents.

Feel free to contact 3dprintedultrasounds.com at info(at)sirbonu.com for more information or a price offer. This service is available globally in any country or region.

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Sirbonu OÜ is the official EMEA distributor of TOMOVISION BabySliceO ultrasound conversion software used by https://www.3dprintedultrasounds.com. This press release is a commercial message and reflects the view of the writer.

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