New service potential for Ultrasound clinics, the Virtual Reality experience

BabySliceO offers 3D printers, ultrasound clinics and anybody enthusiastic about 3D baby models the possibility to use Virtual Reality to show and clean up ultrasound files and create the 3D baby Models.

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BabySliceO Virtual Reality applications in 3D ultrasound.

VR Image BabySliceO software

If you thought it cannot get any more realistic than with HD views and 3D Baby Models than continue reading this! With the latest version of BabySliceO, available as a free trial here, it is possible for ultrasound clinics and any other 3D baby enthusiasts to see the actual baby in 3D. Customers can now be offered something truly unique, a VR session of their baby, through the usage of the Oculus Rift Gear and the software BabySliceO. This VR session allows parents to see the ultrasound through the goggles. The client can turn the 3D image from the ultrasound session in VR and really get a feeling how the baby looks in the belly.

The whole idea of the software BabySliceO is to offer ultrasound clinics additional sources of income and diversification to separate the clinics who want to offer the client a complete emotional experience from those that just offer a 3D picture of the baby. Ultrasound clinics embracing and using the technology available to them to entertain the client will find that the VR experience will give their clients the wow effect beyond the 3D still images and the 4D videos.

Ultrasound clinics who just want to use the software do not need to invest in the usage tokens and a one-time purchase of the software BabySliceO will give them a permanent license to use the software as long as they want. However, when the client wants to have the printable file of a 3D image it is necessary to purchase the usage tokens.

Show your ultrasounds through Virtual Reality

In addition to the 3D Baby Models, the software allows Ultrasound clinics to offer something truly unique to the customer. See the baby through Oculus Rift gear in Virtual Reality! The VR tools of the software can be used to show parents the baby in VR, clean up the ultrasound during the session and add more value to an ultrasound session experience.

The VR edition Mode lets you edit and clean your models in record time. Your dominant hand manipulates the sculpting tool while your other hand holds the 3D model. With the stereoscopic VR goggles, you have the impression that the model is there right in front of you. It is almost impossible to describe how fast and easy it is to prepare your model using the VR mode. The “VR” mode can only be used if you have an Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch devices installed on a VR ready system. Contact us for more information when you have questions regarding the VR readiness of your PC.

Benefits of emotional ultrasounds.

Sirbonu supports and respects all views in society on the 3D emotional ultrasound sessions and the 3D baby models. Additionally, Sirbonu advocates prudence in the usage of emotional ultrasound for the entertainment of the parents. Educated specialists should do all sessions. The baby should always come before the needs of the parents. However, it is very normal for expecting parents to have the wish to meet and bond with their child prenatally. To be able to see the baby and learn to know this little person before it is born is very special.

3D emotional ultrasounds could help expectant mothers and fathers to form an early bond with the child. It is an additional possibility allowing an early start into the parenting role and reducing the shock when the child is suddenly put in the arms of the new parent. To a person wanting to choose a 3D ultrasound and a 3D Baby Statue, these aforementioned reasons are all very valid. Additionally, it allows easy sharing between social networks such as brothers, sisters, and grandparents.

Feel free to contact us at info(at) for more information or a price offer. This service is available globally in any country or region.

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Sirbonu OÜ is the official EMEA distributor of TOMOVISION BabySliceO ultrasound conversion software. This press release is a commercial message and reflects the view of the writer.

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