Beautifully hand-made Ultrasound Jewelry

 There is nothing more spectacular, practically supernatural, than two people creating another person out of their love! '

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience of expectations and fears. Every birth of a child is like a miracle. An astonishing event where we should celebrate, remember and give a tribute to life. Now you can eternalize your ultrasound/sonogram image (the very first picture of your child) and create a unique piece of ultrasound jewelry.


 Create your ultrasound jewelry

3D ultrasound of Hope JewelryChoose your favorite pendant to start creating your ultrasound jewelry. Select one of the models Circle of LifeSquare of RootsUltrasound of Hope or Sphere of Love. When you are finished making your order we’ll send you a 3D mockup of your Brilliant Ultrasound. You are able to make changes to the design until you are 100% satisfied. When you’ve approved the mockup we will begin creating your custom made jewelry.

How do we make your jewelry piece?

Are you looking for an elegant way to reveal that you are expecting a baby? Maybe you out to buy the perfect push present there is? Or a memorable gift to the latest addition to the family? Now you can eternalize this moment and your ultrasound image, the very first picture of your child!  All you need is to upload your ultrasound and make a few more selections. Simply follow the listed steps in our guide below. This guide describes each step included in our design process and what is required from you to complete your online order.

1. Pick your favorite design

As a first step, we suggest that you select which base/design that you would like to use for your Brilliant Ultrasound. To browse the different designs, please visit our shop. Take into consideration that the model “Sphere of Love” weighs 12 grams, this is more than twice the amount of the other models (5 grams) and therefore it is more expensive.

Select one of the models Circle of LifeSquare of RootsUltrasound of Hope or Sphere of Love.

Ultrasound Jewelry Circle of life Ultrasound Jewelry Square of roots Ultrasound Jewelry Ultrasound of Hope Ultrasound Jewelry Sphere of Love

2. Upload your ultrasound picture

Upload your Sonogram data
The second step is to upload your (best quality) sonogram image to your order. This is done on any of the product pages after selecting your preferred model. It can be difficult, but try to consider the importance of having as good contrasts as possible when choosing the right ultrasound picture. All digital formats of your ultrasound picture are accepted like .jpg, .png for example. If you didn’t receive a digital version of your ultrasound scan at your visit, fear not. Just take a photo (without flash) or simply scan your prints and send them to us at or upload it directly to our website.

3. Choose your preferred material

Gold or Silver Ultrasound Jewelry

The third step our design process is perhaps the most difficult of them all – Would you rather have your Jewelry in 18K Gold or would you like it to be made in Sterling Silver? If you would like to add a stone setting or make a special request. Please send us an email at





4. Select an engraving

Engraving for Ultrasound Jewelry

For (€25) you can add an engraving to your Jewelry. The location for the engraving is on the back of all models except for “Sphere of Love” for which the engraving is placed at the bottom of its base. The baby's name, a date of birth or some few, well-chosen words, are all popular things to have engraved by our customers.

5. Place your order

So far so good, now go place your order in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout! You are able to pay through either PayPal or Credit Card.

6. Approve your digital mockup

Digital Mock up for ultrasound Jewelry

Before we make your Brilliant Ultrasound a reality, a 3D mockup will be sent to you for approval. You are able to make changes to the design until you are 100% satisfied. When you’ve confirmed and given your approval we will begin to create your custom made ultrasound jewelry.





Prices are starting from 345 Euro including VAT.

Ultrasound dangerous?

Ultrasound has been used for more than 30 years. In general, it is accepted that no risks are involved. There is, therefore, no reason to think that ultrasound has a harmful effect. The general and our opinion are, that as with everything, the parents and the studios should keep it reasonable. Long-term sessions are tiring for the mother and therefore also for the child, so keep it as short as possible. Recent studies have shown that the creation of the prenatal bond with the mother and the father contributes positively. This influence is mainly on the mental state of the parents. They also prepare parents better for the arrival of the baby.

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