3D Printed Art Models-fit for little kings and queens

3D printed Art Models for the nursery or any children`s room.

3dprintedultrasounds has launched a new line of unique 3D printed art pieces. All 3D Art has been based on the designs of children`s drawings and is therefore uniquely suited and attractive for a nursery or a boy`s or girl`s room. The 3D Art range was designed especially with metal printing in mind. The usage of metal for the 3D print gives an exclusive and robust feel to the models.

Each and every model was designed based drawings made by children. This will inspire even your youngest one into the world of airplanes, cars, boats or be a princess or a king and queen. They are truly unique and beautiful and a must for every nursery.

The 3d models are placed in a high-quality wooden frame for 10 x 15 photos and can be sent globally by registered mail or courier. More information can be found here.

3dprintedultrasounds is specialized in making unique pieces of art for nursery and these models are a must to inspire your kids. We pride ourself on giving you a unique piece and we can personalize these even further with a name or print them in a more exclusive material such as silver or gold.


How does it work?

When you like one of our models, order it through our shop. We will then contact you to discuss the frame and the approximate delivery date. As all models are made to order it takes a bit time to hand you over your unique piece of 3D printed art.

What does it cost?

We have a range of models such as airplanes, car, and other. Prices start at 88.80 Euro including sending costs. When you have a large order of more than 5 pieces than please contact us beforehand!

When you want to have more information feel free to contact us!

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