3dprintedultrasounds.com official partner in the USA

3dprintedultrasounds has been in business for several years and is an industry leader in the production of the 3D Printed Baby Models.Due to the growing interest in the 3D printed Baby Models, 3dprintedultrasounds.com has been focusing its attention on the US market to find a local partner. After careful selection, we are proud to announce that from now on clients coming from the US market can contact printedultrasoundsin3d.com.The cooperationprintedultrasoundsin3d.com is the official partner of 3dprintedultrasounds. They are responsible to increase the network of clinics. We are looking for more clinics interested in promoting the 3D Baby Models in the USA.  […]

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Image conversion by BabySliceO

Convert an ultrasound image to an STL file?

3dprintedultrasounds has been in business for several years. During this time one of the most posed questions has been, “how to convert an ultrasound image to an STL to print it in 3D?”. The questions itself is easy to answer. We sell you a perfect little software and with this software, you can convert the Ultrasound file to a printable STL and also clean it up. Myself I have done thousands of these conversions over the past years. But, I must admit that initially, it feels difficult but when you have done some 20 or 30 conversions and clean-ups than […]

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The 3d Ultrasound and the 3D baby figurine

The 3d Ultrasound and the 3D baby figurine Most expectant papas and mamas want to meet their baby before birth to build a bond. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun echo studios where you can go for a 3d ultrasound. At the best studios, you can get beautiful 3D images and also a volume file that you can use to order the 3d baby figurine. What can you expect from a 3d ultrasound? And are these 3d ultrasound studios safe? When is the best time to do a 3d ultrasound? The 3D ultrasound depends on several factors that have absolutely […]

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Difference between the 2D, 3D, HDlive and the 4D sonogram

You are pregnant and that is a wonderful time but it also gives a lot of worries. During this time you most likely do the ultrasound test.  If you go to your midwife in the hospital, you mainly do the 2D ultrasound. The 2D echo is a flat photo without depth, purely aimed at the medical health of your baby.  They look and measure whether your child is well developed. These visits are very good and necessary but it does not really give you an extra bond with your unborn child.  For this, you need to go to a 3d […]

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3D printed fetus 11 weeks in Sandstone

New service potential for Ultrasound clinics, the Virtual Reality experience

BabySliceO offers 3D printers, ultrasound clinics and anybody enthusiastic about 3D baby models the possibility to use Virtual Reality to show and clean up ultrasound files and create the 3D baby Models. Laiaküla, Estonia, September 19, 2017, 3D baby. BabySliceO Virtual Reality applications in 3D ultrasound. If you thought it cannot get any more realistic than with HD views and 3D Baby Models than continue reading this! With the latest version of BabySliceO, available as a free trial here, it is possible for ultrasound clinics and any other 3D baby enthusiasts to see the actual baby in 3D. Customers can […]

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