Start a 3Dprintedultrasounds

We have recently started looking for entrepreneurs worldwide to start up a local 3Dprintedultrasounds. There are several low investment entry options that you can choose from to be able to offer this product in your country. Important to note is that we allow one 3dprintedultrasounds per country so be quick to start with us before all allocations are taken up. You need a PayPal account linked to an officially registered company for this, we need your proof of registration and local tax number. The PayPal account can be set up also on your 3dprintedultrasounds email afterward. All fees are excluding any […]

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3D printed fetus 11 weeks in Sandstone

New service potential for Ultrasound clinics, the Virtual Reality experience

BabySliceO offers 3D printers, ultrasound clinics and anybody enthusiastic about 3D baby models the possibility to use Virtual Reality to show and clean up ultrasound files and create the 3D baby Models. Laiaküla, Estonia, September 19, 2017, 3D baby. BabySliceO Virtual Reality applications in 3D ultrasound. If you thought it cannot get any more realistic than with HD views and 3D Baby Models than continue reading this! With the latest version of BabySliceO, available as a free trial here, it is possible for ultrasound clinics and any other 3D baby enthusiasts to see the actual baby in 3D. Customers can […]

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Ultrasound clinics Affiliate Program

Through this partnership for EU 3D ultrasound clinics, you can earn a healthy commission from referring all clients who are interested to buy a 3D baby model. Commissions are paid from the income coming from your clients. Your time investment is limited to 5 minutes of selecting the best image and saving as a volume file for your client. The rest is handled by us. No risk, no fuss cooperation! This option is great for clinics who do not want or have the time to invest in doing it all yourself. You just have to register to this website and we will contact […]

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3D printed baby model close up

3D printing and Baby Slice O by Tomovision turn 3D fetal ultrasound scans into take-home statues

3D printing and BabySliceO article on Having a baby is one of the most profoundly emotional experiences that it’s possible to have, and new mothers and fathers have for the longest time wanted to keep a record of their spawn’s development in its earliest years. As well as the endless albums of baby photos and the tiny clay handprints, technological developments in recent decades have even made it possible to see and take pictures of a child before it is born. Read more

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3D printed baby model made from ultrasound

3D Baby Model on Indiegogo is offering the possibility to have volume files made by ultrasound machines during a 3D session converted into a 3D file that can be printed into a 3D baby Model. Laiaküla, Estonia, September 19, 2017, 3D baby. 3dprintedultrasounds and BabySliceO rapid expansion. The past 6 months 3dprintedultrasounds/BabySlicO has been expanding very rapidly. Currently, the services are available globally and companies are starting to use BabySliceO in the following countries: Germany, Slovakia, UK, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Estonia, and more will follow. Therefore, to support the further expansion of 3dprintedultrasounds a campaign was started on Indiegogo to […]

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