3D Baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is going to be one of the most memorable times of your life! Thanks to the progress in ultrasound technology, it is now possible to meet your baby already before it is born! Now in addition to the images of the ultrasound, it is possible to 3d print your ultrasound. You can touch your baby, see its face, and share this wonderful addition to your family, with your loved ones! Software to make 3D Baby Statues Visit our store Order now Ordering your 3D Baby Software It is as easy as 1-2-3How to get volume files […]

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Your baby in 3D

3D Baby Models Our 3D printed baby models are truly a piece of unique baby art. A memory of the time that the baby was growing in the womb. The feeling of excitement knowing that soon this little being will be there to disrupt and enrich your life. 3Dprintedultrasounds.com offers the real thing a 3D printed baby model. We do not convert from 2D to 3D and we do not do any 3D modeling. We purely make the 3D baby model based on the actual ultrasound volume data coming from the 3D ultrasound session done in your own clinic. When your clinic […]

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Pietro Usai MBA Cum Laude The past 20 years I have seen many different management styles in companies all over Europe when managing my teams. I have seen companies/projects fail and succeed. The most successful companies knew that to get the best out of teams it was necessary to give freedom to people, responsibility for his or her own results and to have a coach helping them to succeed. As a true international manager, I speak 6 languages, lived and worked in 5 countries. My quest for adventure and international exposure allowed me to work with most of the world cultures. […]

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