3dprintedultrasounds.com official partner in the USA

3dprintedultrasounds has been in business for several years and is an industry leader in the production of the 3D Printed Baby Models.Due to the growing interest in the 3D printed Baby Models, 3dprintedultrasounds.com has been focusing its attention on the US market to find a local partner. After careful selection, we are proud to announce that from now on clients coming from the US market can contact printedultrasoundsin3d.com.The cooperationprintedultrasoundsin3d.com is the official partner of 3dprintedultrasounds. They are responsible to increase the network of clinics. We are looking for more clinics interested in promoting the 3D Baby Models in the USA.  […]

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Image conversion by BabySliceO

Convert an ultrasound image to an STL file?

3dprintedultrasounds has been in business for several years. During this time one of the most posed questions has been, “how to convert an ultrasound image to an STL to print it in 3D?”. The questions itself is easy to answer. We sell you a perfect little software and with this software, you can convert the Ultrasound file to a printable STL and also clean it up. Myself I have done thousands of these conversions over the past years. But, I must admit that initially, it feels difficult but when you have done some 20 or 30 conversions and clean-ups than […]

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3D Printed Art Models-fit for little kings and queens

3D printed Art Models for the nursery or any children`s room. 3dprintedultrasounds has launched a new line of unique 3D printed art pieces. All 3D Art has been based on the designs of children`s drawings and is therefore uniquely suited and attractive for a nursery or a boy`s or girl`s room. The 3D Art range was designed especially with metal printing in mind. The usage of metal for the 3D print gives an exclusive and robust feel to the models. Each and every model was designed based drawings made by children. This will inspire even your youngest one into the […]

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3D Ultrasound Jewelry

3D Ultrasound Jewelry, to capture that special moment in time. 3D baby Jewelry by 3dprintedultrasounds.com 3dprintedultrasounds.com offers soon to be parents the possibility to eternalize their pregnancy through a range of 2D and 3D Jewelry. Laiaküla, Estonia, April 4, 2018 Ultrasound Jewelry based on 2D and 3D ultrasounds 3Dprintedultrasounds.com has recently launched a new product range, called Ultrasound Jewelry. The ultrasound range is divided into two categories. 2D ultrasound Jewelry and the 3D Ultrasound Jewel. The difference between the two is 2D versus 3D. For the 2D range, the artist makes from your 2D ultrasound image a beautiful piece of […]

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2D jewelry from 2d ultrasound

Beautifully hand-made Ultrasound Jewelry

 There is nothing more spectacular, practically supernatural, than two people creating another person out of their love! ‘ Being pregnant is a wonderful experience of expectations and fears. Every birth of a child is like a miracle. An astonishing event where we should celebrate, remember and give a tribute to life. Now you can eternalize your ultrasound/sonogram image (the very first picture of your child) and create a unique piece of ultrasound jewelry.    Create your ultrasound jewelry Choose your favorite pendant to start creating your ultrasound jewelry. Select one of the models Circle of Life, Square of Roots, Ultrasound of Hope or Sphere of Love. When you are […]

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