BabySliceO Download

Our BabySliceO Software was made especially to convert ultrasound data to a 3D editable format. The vision was to offer clients an opportunity to convert 3D ultrasound data into a file format that can be used by 3D programs and to 3d print the ultrasound. By Optimizing the SliceOMatic software product they enabled clients to make 3D STL models out of ultrasound data and to 3d print the ultrasound. It works with most of the 3D ultrasound data formats on the market such as Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical systems.

BabySliceO requires a 64 bit Windows (either 7, 8 or 10), a Top NVIDIA Cuda enabled card and minimum 8GB RAM to run at the highest settings and use VR editing. Click below on the BabySliceO download link to download BabySliceO V3b zip file. Unpack the zip file and install the software on your windows pc. Please note that this is the watermarked software and you will not be able to use all functions.

BabySliceO download

How to use BabySliceO

How to use VR editing

BabySliceO VR Demo