VOLUME File Instructions

What ultrasound formats can be used by BabySliceO?

The most common files are DICOM, .mvl and .vol, they can be either spherical or cylindrical and even Cartesian if no other option. If your 3D volume is not on the list then please feel free to contact me and send me the volume file. I will discuss this with the software developer and it can be that in the next versions your Ultrasound machine can be included. We continuously add new Brands every year to the software.

How to save ultrasound data in the right format?

The basic steps are on most ultrasound machines:

1) The ultrasound technician makes a 3D static session, quality needs to be at high2, take care to acquire some nice frontal sonograms of the baby during the 3D Ultrasound session. 3D static gives the best results as the resolution of the images is much higher than during a 4D session. Often 4D have to low resolution and the software will not read these. Look at the images afterward and select the nicest 3D acquisition of the baby. Save the file to a default volume so preferably not a cartesian volume.

2) Export the file to a volume file such as a .mvl or a.vol file or when not possible export as DICOM. At your settings navigation check if the software is set to save as compression NONE. Compressed files cannot be read by the software.

Send us the volume file and we will create the 3D Baby Model for you in STL or in 3D print.

Click here for the Volume file instruction for:

If you need any help with exporting your files please do not hesitate to contact me!