Partners and Clinics.

Our 3D printed baby models are truly a piece of unique baby art. A memory of the time that the baby was growing in the womb. The feeling of excitement knowing that soon this little being will be there to disrupt and enrich your life.

In the map below you will find our Resellers where you can locally order 3D Baby Models and the clinics participating in the Partnership program.  These clinics know best how to get us the right volume file. All clinics are highly rated by their clients and you will be in good hands. When you are looking to buy a 3D Baby Model than please feel free to contact a clinic and book a time for an ultrasound scan to see your little one. Be sure to note that you come via so that they know that you want to order the 3D Baby Model. All our clinics will do their best to get you a beautiful scan but sometimes the baby does not want to cooperate. If the image on the screen is not clear and good enough to make a 3D Baby Model than it is best to either try again at another time as what you see is what you get.