Welcome to our 3D baby e-shop. You will see here the different options available for the 3D Baby. All of our 3D prints are done with high-quality materials and a high material density. We use Sandstone and Nylon for our models. We print our models only on professional printers and you will see that back in the print quality. All payments are done securely through PayPal or with a credit card and there is no need to make an account.The 3D Baby Model is based on an ultrasound volume file (.vol/DICOM/.mvl) that you get from your Ultrasound clinic. The Jewelry is based on a 2D image such as a JPG Ask your clinic to contact us for the partnership program. Connected clinics know how to give us the right format.

US customers, the price in the US is the STL price plus the printing costs at the local printer and any local taxes, not all products can be printed by the local printer though! We can ship globally, ask for a price offer on the sending costs to your country. 

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