3D Baby with Photo Frame


The printer prints the 3D Baby with a photo frame in SLS nylon or Multicolor+Standard with a sandstone feel on a professional 3D SLS printer. Therefore, the quality of these figurines is very beautiful and you will see almost no print lines. We use nylon because it is a strong material. Additionally, Sandstone is a somewhat softer material and is printed in colour and therefore it looks very nice and natural. Finally, the standard dimensions for sandstone are around these values w x d x h: 60 x 30 x 80 mm and for nylon w x d x h: 70 x 35 x 90 mm. The photo frame is a deep frame 30mm.

Production time is 2 weeks until sending!

The 3D Baby with photo frame has the following characteristics/choices.

  • The printer prints the Nylon in the colour white and has a waterproof coating.
  • Multicolor+Standard is printed by the printer in a skin tone light and has an option of a slightly darker skin tone.
  • The photo frame can be chosen from different frames in the size 15 x 20 cm.
  • If you have other wishes concerning material, photo frame or size of the figurine contact us!

The photos are made with the 15 x 20 Photo frame and the 80MM statue!

Choose your 3D Baby with photo frame

3D Baby Nylon White incl. waterproof coating with photo frame
Polyamide SLS printing with Waterproof coating to keep the product white for a long time.

3D Baby Multicolor+ with photo frame
Hollowed with 3.5mm walls, Multicolor+ printing

Guaranteed satisfaction

This product will be produced especially for your order and is truly unique. Your ultrasound volume will be converted by a special software that can read this data and converts it to 3D. After conversion, we clean it up and prepare it for printing. 

To assure that you are happy with your product we will show you the end result through a screenshot before we start to print it. Until then you are free to end our cooperation and we will return in full any deposits or paid amounts. Finally, when you are happy with the result we will start production and 100% prepayment needs to be fulfilled at this point.

Most of our products are made according to the specifications of the client. Therefore, the products cannot be returned or refunded and the 14 days cooling off period is not valid in this case. However, the products that are standard such as the 3D Baby Jewel pregnant and the 3D Baby Art do fall under the cooling off period and can be sent back to us at your own cost when you are not happy. All shipments are sent insured. Broken 3D baby models can be reprinted and send for free when you send us proof of the damages by sending photos of packaging and product.