Ultrasound clinics Affiliate Program

Become a partner of 3dprintedultrasounds.com and offer your clients the 3D Baby Model.

Through this partnership, you can earn a healthy commission from referring all clients who are interested to buy a 3D baby model. Commissions are paid from the income coming from your clients. Your time investment is limited to 5 minutes of selecting the best image and saving as a volume file for your client. The rest is handled by us. No risk, no fuss cooperation! This option is great for clinics who do not want or have the time to invest in doing it all yourself. You just have to register to this website and we will contact you to make you ready to offer the 3D baby models to your clients.

*All prices are excluding taxes (import and VAT) unless mentioned otherwise. In Europe, local VAT will be added when no commercial VAT number is available.