3D Baby Models

Our 3D printed baby models are truly a piece of unique baby art. A memory of the time that the baby was growing in the womb. The feeling of excitement knowing that soon this little being will be there to disrupt and enrich your life.

3Dprintedultrasounds.com offers the real thing a 3D printed baby model. We do not convert from 2D to 3D and we do not do any 3D modeling. We purely make the 3D baby model based on the actual ultrasound volume data coming from the 3D ultrasound session done in your own clinic.

When your clinic is not working with us yet, ask them to make a volume file for you before you do your sonogram. If they do not know how to save the sonogram to a volume file tell them to contact us and we will reward you with a nice discount if your clinic will become our partner. 3dprintedultrasounds.com is offering ultrasound clinics the possibility to offer clients the 3D baby models.

We offer a range of services for resellers and for parents who have received a volume file from their clinic and want to order a 3D Baby Model. From a simple conversion to an OBJ file to a completely cleaned up 3D Baby Model in an STL file. Or even a completely 3D printed ultrasound, framed and shipped to your door.

A volume file has the following extensions; .dcm, .vol or .mvl. These files contain the 3D information of your ultrasound. A jpg or .mov , .vob, unfortunately, are only a 2D image and movie files we cannot use this.

Our philosophy when making the 3D baby model

Only ultrasound volume files can be converted to a 3D Baby Model so no JPEG, MOV or any other non-3D file!

The baby image is not altered or 3D modeled in any way, so what you see is what you get! We do our best to make the face as freely visible as possible but sometimes it is just too much connected to the mother.

You get an STL file from us which can be viewed in a 3D viewer. Keep the file with your photos as a memory, have it printed you decide what you want to do with it.

Furthermore, you decide what material you want to have it printed in, the size and the color!

We can offer you a printing service including delivery! You will get from us a 3D printed ultrasound in a deep photo frame to hang in the baby's room, give to your parents or hang in the living room to remember the time that the baby was growing inside the womb.

We print in a material called sandstone and we can do this in full color. Additionally, if you wish for something more exclusive than sandstone we can look together to see possibilities for printing in a metal or other material.

Treasure those memories for a lifetime. 

What ultrasound formats can we use?

The most common files are DICOM, .mvl and .vol, they can be either spherical or cylindrical and even Cartesian if no other option. If your 3D volume is not in the list then please feel free to contact me and send me the volume file. I will discuss this with the software developer and it can be that in the next versions your Ultrasound machine can be included. We continuously add new Brands every year to the software.

Click here for a full list.

3D Baby Model examples

All models have been made by 3Dprintedultrasounds.com