BabySliceO software

BabySliceO ultrasound conversion software to print your own 3D Baby models!

Satisfy the most demanding parents and offer your clients a 3D Baby Model made with BabySliceO ultrasound conversion software. Convert to STL 3D data from a volume file, or dicom.  A memory of the time that the baby was growing in the womb, the feeling of excitement knowing that soon this little being will be there to disrupt and enrich life.

BabySliceO ultrasound conversion software offers the real thing, the possibility to make a 3D printed baby model from volume data such as DICOM, MVL, and VOL. It does not convert from 2D to 3D it purely makes the 3D baby model based on dicom/volume file conversion to STL, the actual ultrasound volume data coming from the 3D ultrasound session done in your clinic. Sirbonu is offering ultrasound clinics, 3d Printers, and anybody interested in this product the opportunity to start converting ultrasounds into 3D print files that can be given to the parents or printed into a 3D Baby Model.  


3D Baby Model through 3D editions of the dicom or volume files from an ultrasound

Real-time 3D editions of the ultrasound data are achieved by the program, by using the power of the Nvidia GPU. The powerful editor allows to convert the ultrasound and clean up the surrounding areas covering the baby. Therefore allowing the creation of 3D Baby Models that can be 3D printed.

Optimized for Ultrasound

The software modules are optimized to work with the most common ultrasound data sets and most of the Ultrasound manufacturers. We keep on expanding the list of ultrasound manufacturers volume data that can be converted to a 3D file so if your machine is not on the list than feel free to contact us and we can look if we can update the software with your ultrasound manufacturer!

3D and 4D

The program reads both 3D and 4D volume models. When using a 4D volume model, you will be able to easily navigate the multiple 3D data sets to select the best one.

Show your ultrasounds through Virtual Reality

In addition to the 3D Baby Models, the software allows Ultrasound clinics to offer something truly unique to the customer. See the baby through Oculus Rift gear in Virtual Reality! The VR tools of the software can be used to show parents the baby in VR, clean up the ultrasound during the session and add more value to an ultrasound session experience.

VR Edition mode

The VR edition Mode lets you edit and clean your models in record time. Your dominant hand manipulates the sculpting tool while your other hand holds the 3D model. With the stereoscopic VR goggles, you have the impression that the model is there right in front of you. It is almost impossible to describe how fast and easy it is to prepare your model using the VR mode. The "VR" mode can only be used if you have an Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch devices installed on a VR ready system. Contact us for more information when you have questions regarding the VR readiness of your PC.

Free trial

You are very welcome to try BabySliceO for free. Customers can download the software here in a zip file, (Baby Slice O). The zip file contains the BabySliceO version 3b. Please unzip and install the software on your windows pc. As this is a trial version the software will have some limitations. Therefore, without a full license, the program will let you import your data and segment it. However, it will not let you save any STL models. If you want to make a few sample models with the software, you will need to do a full trial. Please contact me for a Full Trial at