BabySliceO Hardware Requirements

BabySliceO requires a 64 bit Windows (either 7, 8 or 10), a Top NVIDIA Cuda enabled card and minimum 8GB RAM.

The software was written using the CUDA language. Because of this, it enables you to use the power of the Nvidia GPU. However, it means that it can only work with graphic cards that have the Nvidia chipset. Additionally, a graphic card that supports CUDA 3.0 or higher is needed. This is limiting you to cards that have the following micro-architecture: Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal. 

The software works best and at its highest configuration with the Top of the Line NVIDIA cards such as the 1070 and the 1080 models with some 6-8GB memory. The more memory the graphic card has, the quicker it is! Lower CUDA enabled cards will need an adjustment in the configuration.

The VR editing tools and future VR additions to the software will need at least 16MB RAM and will work only with the top of the line NVIDIA cards 1070 and 1080 plus you would need to order the Oculus Rift gear to be able to run the VR editing tool!


This unique piece of software was written using the CUDA language. This enables it to use the power of the Nvidia GPU which supports at least CUDA 3. BabySliceO offers powerful editing tools. These tools offer you an excellent opportunity to clean up the ultrasound data. Conversion of 3D data results in a lot of noise around the face of the baby. However, the editing tools allow producing beautiful 3D models. These 3D models can be printed directly on any 3D printer.

Graphics card compatibility

To know if your graphic card is compatible, check Nvidia's website at: